I have debt, what should i do?

Q. I’ve received a letter from RMS Receivables, what am I expected to do next?

A. You have several options. Payment usually needs to be made within 7 days from the date of the letter. This can be done by either:-

  • calling our offices on 0113 201 4440
  • visiting our secure online payment portal click here
  • contacting your bank/building society to send a direct payment directly from your account.

Q. I'm unsure what the charges relate to, how do I find out more?

A. The initial letter and supporting documentation should be clear as to the reason for the debt, however should any areas of the paperwork be illegible please create an account online to view all supporting information. Alternatively, if you do not have access to the internet please call our collections department who will be able to assist on 0113 201 4440.

Q. I have no idea what or who RMS Receivables are?

A. RMS Receivables act as agents on behalf of our portfolio of clients. Your account will have been passed to us to recover the outstanding balance. Your pre-termination notification will include details that refer to the collection process and the involvement of our business.

Q. My account is not with RMS Receivables, so why should I contact you to discuss and make a payment?

A. Your contract is with our client who have instructed RMS Receivables to recover the outstanding balance relating to specific areas as outlined in our communication. Failure to make payment will result in your account being passed back to our client who have the right to escalate the recovery via formal legal proceedings.

Q. I dispute some of the charges?

A. Please contact our collections department to discuss your areas of dispute. Failure to contact us on 0113 201 4440 will lead to your account escalated and future communication being generated.

Q. I've made payment through my bank or via cheque but I've received a further letter stating that I still owe the debt. What should I do?

A. If you have made a payment within 48-hours of receiving the communication from RMS Receivables, then this may be due to payments not clearing the dedicated escrow account. If you made payment more than 48-hours ago, we may not have been able to link your payment to the correct account due to an incorrect reference being used. In any instance, please call 0113 201 4440 to seek clarification so that we can update your account.

Q. If I pay by debit card will I incur a fee?

A. If a personal debit card is used there will be a flat fee of £1.50, however if a business debit card is used a fee of 3.5% will be added to the balance

Q. If I pay be credit card will I incur a fee?

A. Yes. A minimum charge of 3.5% is added to the total amount to cover the charges levied by the card supplier.

Q. I cannot afford to pay the full amount, what are my options?

A. Please contact our offices to discuss your account. You may be requested to complete a simple income and expenditure report which will allow RMS Receivables to assess your financial position. In exceptional circumstances we may agree a payment plan over a period of time.

Q. What reference should I put on any payment I make?

A. Your letter will include a unique reference number which will always start with 'RMS' Please ensure that this is used on any payments along with your surname and postcode. Failure to detail this information may result in your payment being allocated to the incorrect account.

Q. I'm not the owner of the asset so shall I just ignore any correspondence?

A. Please contact our offices on 0113 201 4440 immediately to discuss the account. Failure to communicate will result in further action being taken.

Q. Who are RMS Receivables?

A. Governed by the Financial Conduct Authority, RMS Receivables are an approved specialist debt recovery company enlisted by our clients to recover funds. Our consumer credit licence number is 651286. For further information, please visit the Office of Fair Trading website www.oft.gov.uk/

Q. Do you record telephone calls?

A. Yes. All telephone calls are recorded for training and monitoring purposes only. Our specialist recording system deletes payment details automatically.

Q. Do you retain credit/debit card details?

A. No. we do not retain any personal payment details. Should you enter into a payment plan arrangement, you will be required to either establish a Standing Order with your bank to make the payments on a regular basis or contact RMS Receivables, online or via the telephone each time you need to make a payment. RMS Receivables is fully PCI compliant.

Q. I am not contactable during the day, what can I do?

A. Either make payment online, leave a message on our out of hours messaging service or email our collections department who can then arrange a suitable out of ours call time to suit. Please provide alternative contact details if applicable.

Q. If I have a complaint what should I do?

A. Please address all complaints to Complaint Escalation, RMS Receivables, Premier Way, Leeds, LS26 8ZA. Alternatively please email our Customer Services department on enquiries@rmsreceivables.co.uk. All complaints will be processed in accordance with our Complaint Resolution Procedure, a copy of which can viewed here

Q. I intend to pay off the debt with a credit card. Can I do this?

A. Yes. As part of our legal obligation to treat customers fairly we may question your ability to pay the credit card balance. We act in the best interest of both our clients and their customers and we therefore have to be certain that you are able to meet the repayment requirements of the credit card supplier before we will accept this means of payment.

Q. What happens if I pay via cheque and it does not clear?

A. A minimum fee of £50+VAT will be added to your account to cover our bank fees plus administration fees. This additional fee must be cleared prior to any additional payments

Q. Can I leave a message out of hours?

A. Yes. Calls will be return the following day or on the requested day wherever possible. Please leave alternative contact details if applicable.

Q. My address and/or contact details have changed, how do I update them?

A. Please call our office on 0113 201 4440 so we can update our records and those of our client.

Q. I would like to nominate someone to deal with my account. Is this possible?

A. Ideally RMS Receivables would prefer to deal directly with the debtor however in certain circumstances we are able to deal with a 3rd party. We do however need prior authorisation from the debtor, who needs to provide us with a unique password which must be used by the individual making contact due to data protection legislation.

Q. I've moved or will shortly be moving overseas therefore I don't need to pay?

A. Unfortunately the debt remains outstanding irrespective of which country you reside in. RMS Receivables will liaise with one of our overseas partners to pursue the debt which will result in additional fees being added to your account. If you are emigrating you are legally bound to provide new contact and address details.

Q. I would prefer to pay the company I have the credit agreement with directly. Is this possible?

A. In exceptional circumstances this may be possible but please contact RMS Receivables in the first instance. Payments made directly to companies may not be allocated to the correct account and this could result in further communication from ourselves and your outstanding balance not being cleared.

Q. If I refuse to answer your calls, then there is nothing you can do to recover the debt?

A. Incorrect. If we fail to contact you the account will eventually be passed back to our client who may may issue county court proceedings which could result in CCJ's and in the event of further non-payment our client may instruct bailiffs to recover their potential loss. Please be aware that failure to pay a debt will have a detrimental effect on your credit rating and could impact your future ability to receive credit such as mortgages, credit cards and personal loans.

Q. RMS Receivables are pursuing me for damage sustained prior to me purchasing the asset therefore I am not liable?

A. We require dated photographic evidence substatiating your claim that the damage was already present prior to your purchase. This has to be supported by a letter from the supplying dealership principle confirming the same. If you are unable to provide this information, you will be deemed responsible and must pay the outstanding debt.

Q. I've been made bankrupt, what should I do?

A. Please contact our offices on 0113 201 4440. You will be required to supply a copy of the relevant Notification of Bankruptcy so we can review your account. Failure to provide this document will result in further communication.

Consumer Credit Licence: 651286 Company Registration Number: 945 752 296