Additional Services

Recovery Management Solutions

Constructed around our unique modular management web-based platform, Recovery Management Solutions allows clients to manage the entire process of recovering an asset through to its financial realisation via a suite of remarketing channels.

Clients can opt to outsource the relationship management of the entire process by nominating our experienced team to take control or lease the configurable platform to maintain internal control using existing resources. Regardless of the chosen option, Recovery Management Solutions provides a truly unique solution that improves the efficiency of recovery and maximises returns whilst remaining entirely independent.

Key features of Recovery Management Solutions include:

  • Asset Recovery

    Our pool of professional recovery agents compete to be retained within the framework and receive allocations based on performance. The champion challenge environment ensures assets are recovered promptly, whilst agents are subject to stringent checks to ensure the relevant rules of engagement are upheld. Clients are welcome to introduce any existing agents that are not currently part of the existing network at no additional cost.

  • Inspect & Collect

    For motor related assets, Recovery Management Solutions can provide a full range of non-hostile collection services including inspect and collect whereby our trained agents will record and image vehicle damage at point of collection. Utilising handheld inspection technology ensures immediate uploading of reports and associated costs, based on either universal or client specific charging matrices. Should the client require, these charges can be recovered via RMS Receivables.

  • Specialist Recovery

    Specialist equipment can be recovered using our network of agents both in the UK and worldwide.

  • Remarketing

    Working in partnership with a network of UK based physical auction centres, our champion challenge model ensures assets are allocated to the best performing centres to maximise returns. Allocation is based on a combination of factors including locations, existing similar stock levels and real-time performance. Three routes to market are included within the Recovery Management Solutions model; physical auctions, online remarketing and retail channels ensuring complete transparency throughout the disposal process

  • Reporting/KPI Management

    The Recovery Management Solutions platform includes a range of drill-down reports that can be generated instantly to provide a wealth of relevant information about the asset and its position within the recovery/disposal cycle. Dashboard reporting allows not only clients, but also service providers to review daily performance stats and helps stimulate competition and success whilst maintaining customer service.

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