At RMS Receivables, all accounts are managed through our web-based encrypted bespoke debt recovery platform, which can be adapted to meet client requirements unlike the majority of our competitors who offer a one-size-fits-all service.

Accounts can be uploaded remotely directly by clients in a secure, efficient process that allows the recovery to commence instantly.

Some of the key features of the RMS Receivables service include:

  • Nationwide Recovery

    We collect oustanding arrears anywhere in the UK including Northern Ireland

  • Specialist Sector Collectors

    RMS Receivables only collect debt from within the automotive and asset sector ensuring consistent above-average recovery rates

  • Competitive Fee Structure

    Fees relative to performance can be based on a per account basis or percentage of overall debt recovered depending on client requirements

  • Same Day Collection

    Our auto-populate platform enables same day collection activity subject to the relevant web-services being established

  • Online Payment Portal

    Allowing customers to make one-off payments as well as managing any pre-agreed payment plans, review account documentation and balances

  • Secure Escrow Account

    All funds paid directly to RMS Receivables are held within our non-interest bearing audited client account ensuring 100% security. Onward payments made via same day CHAPS transfer.